Gaganeswara, a short film of Aras Darmawan for his final graduation project. The story of this short film depict a vastly sacrosanct, illusory ritual ceremony with the purpose of awakening the mythological character, the lord of the sky, and the king of the birds named "Garuda" from it's eternal stillness. This ritual will be accomplished in 3 movements of Gamelan's musical performance.

The first movement acted as a prologue or the opening sentence, the second movement is where the real performance begin, where the music is building a cinematic slow-tensions from the beginning until the end, and finally it reaches the last movement or the final point where they will release their souls to Garuda, bring the character back to life.

The earth becomes its body
The air becomes its hair
The cloud becomes its wings
The wind becomes its soul
The sun becomes its heart

Garuda is breathing life
Garuda is Gaganeswara.

Role: Direction, Design, Animation